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Welcome to the South Asian Public Health Forum

SAPHF was established in 1999 to improve communication among public health professionals, who have interest in South Asia( Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka and Maldives). Over the years its membership has increased to many hundreds of professionals from all corners of the world. 

SAPHF has recently been mentioned in PLoS Medicine (Journal of Public Library of Science,  Medicine) 

"One of the ways in which health professionals can help to improve this poor state of public health in South Asia is through regional cooperation and collaboration," says Asghar. "This spirit of cooperation was the driving force behind the formation in 1999 of the South Asian Public Health Forum." This independent voluntary organization aims to improve communication and interaction between public health professionals working in South Asia or those working outside the region who have an interest in South Asia. It also disseminates public health information to the broader public. Asghar discusses why the forum was launched, how it operates, the impact that it has had, and the challenges it faces.
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SAPHF was also mentioned in the British Medical Journal

"In the same vein, the South Asia Public Health Forum ( 
provides a means of improving communication and interaction between
health professionals either working in South Asia or health professionals with
an interest in health in South Asia. The site offers a members' discussion
forum and links to regularly updated news and other resources relevant
to health professionals."
BMJ 2004 328(7443): p. 842

Our Discussion Forum

SAPHF Discussion Forum has evolved into one of the most active email lists on public health in South Asia. With collection of more than two thousand postings on public health news, articles, letters on South Asia, it is the only resource of its kind on the internet.  New jobs in Public Health in South Asia are also regularly posted there.

We  also welcome your postings about research, health issues and  social and economic changes in the region. Also feel free to post Public Health job postings here. Even though this is one of the most active email lists about South Asian Public Health Issues but you will receive just one email per day in a digest form. Please Click Discussion Forum to join  the list. Thanks!

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